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Digital Electronics Technician - Job Opportunity

The Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) at CSIRO, AustraliaÂ’s premier radio astronomy research organization at the forefront of antenna array and signal processing technologies, has an opportunity for an experienced, motivated digital electronics technician to join a highly experienced, small team designing and building complex digital processing equipment.

The successful applicant will help with the design phase, fabrication and testing of large custom digital electronic systems. Duties cover the fabrication of prototype and small quantities of highly complex circuit boards and will include:

* checking digital circuit validity via standard layout packages;
* arranging board fabrication;
* purchasing and kitting of parts for assembly;
* board assembly either with external contractors or using in-house facilities;
* basic functional testing of boards;
* repairs to circuit boards, wiring etc

The successful candidate will hold at least an Associate Diploma or equivalent in electronics, with an emphasis on digital techniques and construction. A sound understanding both analog and digital electronics and familiarity with electronic fabrication and assembly is essential. Higher level experience with circuit debugging would be advantageous. Ability to use Cadence or Altium would be advantageous.

The position would be located at the ATNF Headquarters in Sydney, one of the world's major cities, with travel to the Parkes Observatory and other remote sites as needed.

Closes 2December 2007. To apply go to and enter Job Reference 2007/1248

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Added by Alison Jones on 2007-11-07

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