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New look for ATNF website

Welcome to the ‘new look’ ATNF website.

The site has been updated with a fresh new appearance and features to make it easier to use: a more comprehensive navigational menu, quick links to our most popular pages and our handy search facility now appears on most pages.

The appearance of some pages, however, won’t yet have changed. This includes the 'Outreach' section, which will be updated in the near future. We’ll also be updating site content over coming months.

We understand that the ATNF website is an important resource for our telescope users, the astronomy community and teachers, so we’ve been working to ensure the transition has minimal impact on site visitors. The changes have been made in consultation with website users and staff.

If you notice any broken pages (for example, a page header is out of alignment) or would like to provide other feedback on the website changes, please use our online form at or contact CASS Communication Officer Gabby Russell ( When you report a page it would be helpful if you noted the system (PC/Mac/Linux) you are using, the browser version (eg Internet Explorer 9) and provided a screen shot of any broken pages.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the site’s new appearance and improved navigation features.

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Added by Gabby Russell on 2013-01-24

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