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Parkes Pulsar Data Archive upgraded

The Parkes Pulsar Data Archive contains a large number of raw data files from pulsar observations obtained with the Parkes telescope. These files are available via a web interface. The archive is available from the link below.

This year we have worked together with colleagues at CSIRO IM&T to expand and improve the archive. The upgraded archive will include a much larger number of files with data managed for long-term, secure storage in Canberra. For small data downloads, files are downloaded through the web system. It is now also possible to set up larger scale transfers using e.g., sftp.

The software development and data storage capability for this project are now completed. Over the next few weeks data will be migrated from Marsfield to Canberra and many additional observations will be progressively added into the archive. On a longer time scale we expect to include automatically all new observations from Parkes.

Jessica Chapman, on behalf of the CASS and IM&T archive development team

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2013-07-01

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