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Highlights from the ATCA 25th Anniversary

09:00-13:00 Tue 26 Nov 2013

Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The Australia Telescope Compact Array recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its opening by the Prime Minister Bob Hawke on September 2, 1988. This event included a Symposium on the construction, development and scientific achievements of the compact array but many people who would be interested in how CSIRO managed this spectacularly successful project were not have been able to attend the meeting in Narrabri. We now plan to repeat some of the highlights from this meeting at a half day event to be held in Sydney on 26 Nov 2013.

We plan to include the following talks in a half day meeting at the Radiophysics Laboratory in Marsfield, Sydney.

09:00-09:10 Introduction Simon Johnston
09:10-09:40 Prime Minister, we have delivered! Bob Frater
09:40-10:10 Project Management ATNF style John Brooks
10:10-10:35 ATCA: A pre-history Dick Manchester
10:35-11:05 Morning Tea
11:05-11:30 The National Facility Ron Ekers
11:30-12:00 Receiver development over 25 years Mark Bowen
12:00-12:30 Digital technology John O’Sullivan
12:30-13:00 Development of computing Ray Norris


Shari Breen

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