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Phase transitions in the diffuse ISM

18:00 Sun 24 Nov to 18:00 Sun 27 Jan 2013

Wentworth Falls


The motivation for the meeting is to synthesise new observational and numerical work which place us in a strong position to address broad issues related to cold gas in the diffuse ISM. This meeting will bring together observers and modellers to focus primarily on the following scientific questions:

1. What is the distribution of temperatures and pressures in atomic hydrogen?
2. Under what conditions do star-forming clouds form out of the diffuse ISM?

The workshop will be very interactive, we will divide the day into talks reporting about the data sets (observational and numerical) that we have available to address these questions, leaving time on each day for collaboration and data exploration. The overall goal is to come away from the workshop with plans for collaborative numerical and observational research projects.

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Alex Hill

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