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Employment Opportunity - Professor of Radio Astronomy, Curtin University WA

As part of a strategic plan to build capacity in radio astronomy in Western Australian, Curtin University of Technology has this week advertised the position of Professor of Radio Astronomy - closing date of August 14. Since early 2005 Curtin has been working with a number of international and Australian universities and CSIRO ATNF on several early demonstrator projects at the Mileura Pastoral Station - the Australian candidate site for the SKA located some 800 km north-east of Perth. The MIT-led NSF-funded Low Frequency Demonstrator (LFD), (including the USAF OSR-funded Solar-Heliosphere-Ioniosphere array) and the CSIRO extended New Technology Demonstrator (xNTD) are being planned and established at Mileura. Several other experiments are also being implemented including University of California Berkeley EoR experiment (PAPER)

Details of the Professor of Astronomy position can be found at .

Added by Diana Londish on 2006-07-07

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