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New Assistant Director at the ATNF, leading the xNTD and SKA Phase 1 Theme

We have great pleasure in announcing that Dr Dave DeBoer has been appointed as the new Assistant Director at the ATNF, leading the xNTD and SKA Phase 1 Theme.

Dave DeBoerÂ’s most recent positions have been at the SETI Institute, where he has been Project Manager since 2003 and Project Engineer since 2000 for the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). He has also had Professorial, Scientist and Research Engineer positions at various institutes such as Georgia Tech, Hughes, University of Mexico and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Dave is well known in the radio astronomy community and is a member of various SKA working groups and task forces, including being a member of the International SKA Steering Committee (ISSC). His IEEE memberships (MTTS, APS, AESS, GRSS) and impressive list of publications show a wide range of engineering interests. Dave attended the SKA Engineering and Science Working Groups meeting in Paris, providing valuable input from his experiences at the ATA.

Congratulations to Dave DeBoer, and special thanks to Colin Jacka for his past leadership on this project and continuing involvement with xNTD.

Added by Diana Londish on 2006-08-28

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