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* ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture *

Welcome to the "ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture" (ADAP), brought to you by staff and users of the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF). Our aim is to present science and engineering results, research highlights from recent publications, technical updates, telescope pictures, conference summaries, etc.

Our site is inspired by the fabulous *Astronomy Picture of the Day* - @APOD and the *ASTRON/Jive Daily Image* - @dailyimage .

The *ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture* can also be found on twitter at @CSIRO_ATNF .

We welcome all ATNF users to submit an image related to our facilities (Parkes, ATCA, Mopra, ASKAP and LBA), together with a brief description and credits. Pending review, the submission will be added to the queue.

The *ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture* started in December 2014. With your help it will show a new entry every day. All submissions are stored in the archive.

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Added by S. Johnston and B. Koribalski on 2015-01-13

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