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Position vacant: Leader, SKA Dish Consortium

CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science are currently seeking an individual with substantial experience in leading large, complex projects in the radio astronomy area, or similar for their role of Leader, Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Dish Consortium.

In this role, you will lead the international Dish Consortium, which is designing antennas and receivers for two of the SKA telescopes: SKA1-Mid in South Africa, and SKA1-Survey in Australia. The Dish Consortium is one of the largest of the SKA design consortia and consists of a mix of industry, universities and research organisations, led by CSIRO.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be the world’s most advanced radio observatory, with telescopes to be deployed in Western Australia and the Karoo (South Africa). It is being built by a partnership of eleven countries, of which Australia is an active and leading member. The SKA project is currently in its pre-construction phase, in which international consortia are producing the detailed design and prototypes for the telescopes.

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Added by Sarah Pearce on 2015-01-13

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