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ASKAP PAF performance signficantly improved with Mk II system

On-dish measurements from CSIRO’s newest phased-array feed (PAF) have confirmed low-noise performance across the entire ASKAP frequency band.

Results for the Mk II PAF, installed on ASKAP Antenna 29 at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, show a doubling of the low-noise bandwidth when compared to the Mk I PAF.

The Mk II results demonstrate:

- Doubled sensitivity and quadrupled survey speed above 1,400 MHz (compared to the Mk I)
- A minimum system-temperature-on-efficiency of 78 K at 1,230 MHz
- System-temperature-on-efficiency of 95 K or better across the 835–1,800 MHz range

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Added by Flornes Yuen on 2015-02-20

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