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Jobs: 3 postdocs, senior system scientist & research scientist

3 OCE Postdoctoral Fellowships (closing date: 31 May 2015)

(1) "Bridges between galaxies - tracing the debris of galaxy collisions"
Contact: Baerbel Koribalski * CSIRO Job Ref: NSW15/01007

(2) "Detecting the first pulsar orbiting a black hole using ASKAP images"
Contact: George Hobbs * CSIRO Job Ref: NSW15/00990

(3) "Awakening ASKAP - Towards Cognizant Wide-Field Telescopes that Self-Calibrate"
Contact: John Reynolds * CSIRO Job Ref: NSW15/01082


* Research Scientist - Radio Interferometry Calibration and Imaging Software
CSIRO Job Ref: NSW15/00591

* Senior System Scientist
CSIRO Job Ref: NSW15/00622 --- Closing date: 30 Apr 2015

See the link below for more details.

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Added by B. Koribalski, G. Hobbs, J. Reynolds, et al. on 2015-04-19

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