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HI in Dwarf Galaxies - A Two Day Workshop

10:00 Wed 15 Jul to 14:30 Thu 16 Jul 2015

CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, ATNF, Marsfield Lecture Theatre


This workshop is designed to focus on HI studies of dwarf galaxies, with an emphasis on two main scientific questions:
1) What have we learned so far from HI studies of dwarf galaxies?
2) What do we have left to learn about HI in dwarf galaxies?

Dr. Deidre Hunter, the PI of LITTLE THINGS (Local Irregulars That Trace Luminosity Extremes, The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey) will be visiting ATNF in Sydney, Australia for the month of July 2015 and as such, we are preparing this two day workshop to bring together all Australian astronomers who are interested in HI studies of dwarf galaxies.

Topics for the workshop may include (but are not limited to) kinematics of dwarf galaxies, star formation efficiencies, chemical abundances and evolution, black holes in dwarf galaxies, how dwarf galaxies influence and are influenced by their environments, what are the dwarf galaxy connections to the large galaxy population, and how do these processes compare to theoretical models. Interactions, major and minor mergers, and HI excess and deficient galaxies may play crucial roles in our understanding of dwarf galaxy evolution and formation. By combining our knowledge of HI in large and dwarf galaxies, can we formulate an analytical definition for a dwarf galaxy?

One of the aims of this workshop is to foster collaboration and bring new ideas that connect dwarf galaxies to areas of research like the large HI surveys planned for the next generation of radio telescopes. As we enter into the new era of HI research with the advent of SKA Pathfinders like ASKAP, Apertif, and MeerKAT, and eventually the SKA, how will HI dwarf galaxy studies continue? Where do dwarf galaxies fit in this new realm of HI science?

The workshop will allow each participant to contribute a 20 min talk (17 min + 3 min for questions); Deidre will open with a 30 min review talk of the LITTLE THINGS survey. We will have open discussion sessions intermittently between talks to address key science areas, foster collaborations, and identify new ideas.


Megan Johnson

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