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Further information available from Dan Werthimer colloquium (2 July 2015)

On Tuesday 2 July 205, Dan Werthimer (University of California, Berkeley) held a colloquium at the Marsfield headquarters of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, entitled: SETI and CASPER.

During this colloquium, Dan discussed SETI with help from Eight Million Volunteers, the CASPER Collaboration for Astronomy Signal Processing Instrumentation, and the search for radio, infrared, and optical signals from other civilizations.

Berkeley's SETI@home project analyzes Arecibo data using desktop computers from millions of volunteers. SETI@home participants have contributed millions of years of computer time and have formed one of Earth's most powerful supercomputers. Users have the small but captivating possibility their computer will detect the first signal from a civilization beyond Earth.

For more information on this colloquium, please see:

Following the announcement of Breakthrough Listen (see, the following links may be of interest:

Berkeley SETI Research Centre:


SETI 2020: A Roadmap for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence:

Click on the ‘More Information’ link below to access the PDF slides from Dan Werthimer’s colloquium [15MB].

More information

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