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Elizabeth Mahony (Sydney Uni)

Elizabeth Mahony: Jets, outflows and radio galaxies at low-frequencies

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
14:45-16:00 Wed 11 May 2016



In this seminar I will present work I've done over the last few years
during my previous postdoc position at ASTRON in the Netherlands. During
the first half of this talk I will present recent results on jet-driven
outflows of gas in the nearby radio galaxy 3C293. While it is generally
accepted that the evolution of galaxies and their central SMBH are
strongly linked, the feedback mechanisms responsible for this are less
clear. Although there are a number of plausible ways that outflows could
be produced, recent results have shown that in some cases radio jets
could be responsible for driving fast outflows of gas. I will present
results from both JVLA radio observations and recent IFU observations
where we detect fast outflows (1200 km/s) being driven by the radio-jet
approximately 0.5 kpc from the central core of the AGN.

For the second half of this talk I will shift focus slightly and discuss
recent observations of the Lockman Hole field with LOFAR; The LOw
Frequency ARray in the Netherlands. The Lockman Hole field is a
well-studied extragalactic field that has extensive multi-wavelength
ancillary data, essential for characterising the physical and
evolutionary properties of the various source populations detected in
deep radio fields (mainly star-forming galaxies and AGNs). New LOFAR
observations extend the multi-frequency radio information currently
available for the Lockman Hole (from 350 MHz up to 15 GHz) down to 60
MHz, allowing us to explore a new spectral window for the faint radio


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