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Julia Bryant (Sydney Uni)

Julia Bryant Colloquium: The origin of gas in galaxies as seen by the SAMI Galaxy Survey

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 22 Feb 2017

Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The origin of gas in galaxies as seen by the SAMI Galaxy Survey, and future prospects with Hector and WALLABY

The degree of alignment between the stellar and gas kinematics of a galaxy can indicate whether the gas is of external or internal origin and hence how it has shaped the formation of the galaxy. As part of the SAMI Galaxy Survey, we have integral field spectroscopy of >>1200 galaxies so far, across a broad range in both stellar mass and environment (from field galaxies to groups to clusters). Based on ionised gas and stellar kinematics in the SAMI galaxies, I will discuss the influence of environment, morphology and timescales on the origin of gas in galaxies. SAMI is the first large IFU survey of nearby galaxies and is therefore ideal to test previous findings (e.g. from ATLAS 3D) on a larger sample. A significantly larger, revolutionary IFU galaxy survey is planned with the Hector instrument, which will be the new massively-multiplexed integral field instrument for the AAO and the next main dark-time instrument for the observatory. I will discuss the plans and status of the Hector instrument and survey and how it will be closely tied to the WALLABY survey.


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