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Employment opportunity: Narrabri Deputy Officer-in-Charge

Applications are invited for the position of Deputy Officer-in-Charge at the ATNF's Narrabri Observatory. The closing date for applications is 1 December 2003.

The position requires a senior professional with a proven high level of expertise in astronomy, computing, electronic or mechanical engineering or other discipline of proven relevance to the Australia Telescope. You will help lead the operation and development of the Narrabri and Mopra Observatories, as well as contributing through your technical or scientific expertise. A relevant university degree is essential, and a PhD is highly desirable. A commitment to safe workplace practices and equal employment opportunity is required. An ability to take the initiative, to assume responsibility, to lead staff from diverse backgrounds and to communicate broadly across the Australia Telescope community are all essential.

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Added by Bob Sault on 2003-11-04

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