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ATUC Meeting Open Session: 27th October 2008

The Australia Telescope Users Committee (ATUC) meet regularly to discuss issues that affect users of the ATNF. The next ATUC meeting is to be held at the ATNF headquarters in Marsfield on the 27th and 28th of October, 2008. On the first day an Open Session will be held that consists of reports and updates on the various aspects of ATNF operations. All users are welcome to attend this Open Session. On the second day, ATUC hold a closed session, during which a report to the ATNF Director is drafted.

If you, as a user (or potential user) of the ATNF, are aware of any issues that need to be raised at the next ATUC meeting, would like to make suggestions for improved operation of ATNF telescopes, or would like to offer praise for the many ATNF achievements, please let myself or a member of ATUC know sometime over the next 2 weeks.


Stacy Mader (for)
Elaine Sadler
ATUC Chair

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Added by Stacy Mader on 2008-10-10

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