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Congratulations Dr Lewis Ball!

CASS welcomes the appointment of Lewis Ball to SKA Director of Operations. Lewis is well known to many staff in CASS, having joined CSIRO in 2001 as Deputy OiC at Parkes, before serving as Deputy Director and Acting Director of ATNF and later as Director of CASS, before leaving CSIRO in 2016.

From 2010 to 2013 he was Deputy Director of ALMA during a critical phase of its construction and commissioning, before returning to NRAO in 2016 as Assistant Director of Science Support.

So he brings with him a wealth of experience operating radio telescopes in large and complex organisations. CASS looks forward to working with Lewis and his team to realise our common aim of operating the SKA Low telescope in Western Australia.

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Added by Annabelle Young on 2019-05-08

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