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CSIRO Science Leader position advertised: Massive data challenges in the era of the SKA

A position as CSIRO Science Leader with CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) has been advertised to spearhead a new “Massive Data” effort that leverages CASS’s world-leading expertise in radio astronomy and CSIRO’s involvement in high performance computing and data archiving.

Using enormous time-domain and spectral-domain radio astronomy datasets as a demonstrator, this new capability will have applications across CSIRO where complex datasets of unprecedented size require analysis. CSIRO already has multiple Future Science Platforms (FSPs) involving the analysis of large data sets, but radio astronomy is at the cutting edge of these efforts because of the unprecedented size of the datasets involved and the need for rapid-response algorithms that can handle extremely large data flows. With this new capability, you will help to position CSIRO as a world leader in producing, archiving, accessing and processing extremely large data collections.

CASS is committed to building a safe and welcoming workplace culture, and to implementing initiatives to improve diversity and equity within our workplace. CSIRO offers a range of flexible working arrangements to support these initiatives.

The program is directed towards mid-career researchers who have around 10 to 15 years of post PhD experience, and have established expertise and knowledge aligned to the strategic priority areas; bring novel capability into CSIRO; and develop cutting edge technology platforms not already in CSIRO.

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Added by Elaine Sadler on 2019-05-19

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