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CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive

The CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive is now available as an online FileMaker Pro application. (Our licences allow for up to five concurrent users on the web at any given time.)

The CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive holds a collection of over 15,000 images that relate to the history of radio astronomy in Australia. These images were taken between 1943 and 1996, by professional photographers at the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics and the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility. The original images were taken as negatives, photographs and slides. They have been scanned at high resolution to produce TIFF files. The digital collection is maintained by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. The scanned images include people, telescopes, events, observatory sites, engineering and other technical work and science results. The archive also holds approximately 6,000 images taken in later years, and a small number of scanned documents.

The archive has powerful tools for finding images of interest. Low-resolution versions of the scanned images are made freely available and can be downloaded. High resolution versions of the images are available on request, subject to CSIRO approval.

To access the archive please select the link for more information below.

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2019-10-03

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