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Marisa Brienza (U. Bologna)

Marisa Brienza Colloquium: Insights into the AGN Life-cycle and Feedback from Low Frequency Radio Observations

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
16:00-17:30 Wed 06 Apr 2022



Jets from active galactic nuclei (AGN) are a recurrent phenomenon in a galaxy’s lifetime. Understanding their life-cycle is essential for quantifying the energetic impact they have on their surrounding medium. This is in fact a key ingredient driving the thermal evolution of galaxy groups/clusters and, in turn, the evolution of galaxies in the universe over cosmic times. In these years the unprecedented sensitivities provided by SKA precursors/pathfinders are significantly pushing forward the study of the jet life-cycle and the jets’ interaction with the external medium. Here I will discuss some recent progress made in this field using observations at MHz-frequencies, which are especially suited to unveil the oldest populations of particles injected by AGN jets in their surrounding environment. These are allowing us to select new samples of jetted AGN in different phases of their evolution, as well as follow the interaction/mixing of the AGN jet plasma with the surrounding medium for hundreds of million years.


Andrew Zic

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