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Review of ASKAP Survey Science Projects (RASSP) completed

Following the completion of Pilot Survey Phase I observations last year, the ASKAP Survey Science Teams submitted updated proposals that were assessed by an international review panel in January. The panel's recommendations have now been received and communicated to Survey Science Teams.

Overall, the panel was impressed by the high standard of all the proposals, including their scientific cases, survey design, technical readiness, and use of pilot data. The panel recommended that all should SSPs should proceed in some way, with priority to those with the strongest scientific potential. The panel has proposed an overall five-year programme, and has provided detailed feedback to the individual teams.

Full surveys will commence following completion of the transition to the new Setonix computer at Pawsey, and a consolidation period during which further processing pipeline development and streamlining of operational workflows are undertaken. The current aim is for full surveys to commence by October 2022.

Added by Phil Edwards on 2022-04-07

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