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Fires at Mount Stromlo Observatory

The Australian astronomical community is deeply saddened by the tragic damage to Canberra and, in particular, to the Mount Stromlo Observatory that occured from sweeping bush fires on Saturday 18 January. Much of the Observatory has been destroyed, including the 74-inch, 50-inch and Yale-Columbia telescopes, the engineering workshops, the administration building, the former Director's house and other staff and student housing on the mountain. The Duffield and Woolley office buildings, used by research scientists have survived with some water damage. Mercifully, there have been no serious injuries to Stromlo staff.

The ATNF will do whatever it can to assist the Mount Stromlo Observatory on its path back to recovery.

For further information, including advice on how to send donations for Mt Stromlo Redevelopment & Student Bushfire Relief, please see the ANU web pages by clicking on the link to 'More information'.

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2003-01-21

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