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Tristan Reynolds (ICRAR/UWA)

Tristan Reynolds Colloquium: Hopping into a new era of extragalactic radio astronomy with WALLABY

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 21 Sep 2022



Neutral hydrogen (HI) gas provides the reservoir for future star formation and is important to understanding how galaxies form and evolve. HI in galaxies is abundant, relatively easy to detect and provides a wealth of information on the host galaxy including distance, mass and density, motion (e.g. rotation) and the influence of the local environment. Current HI datasets are limited in the total number of galaxies detected and spatial resolution, but this is about to change thanks to the next-generation HI surveys on Square Kilometre Array pathfinders, including WALLABY. WALLABY will be transformational in our understanding of the HI content of galaxies through detecting ~210,000 galaxies in HI and spatially resolving HI in several thousand of galaxies over the Southern sky. I will provide an update on the current status of the WALLABY survey. I will also present some of my recent WALLABY results in which I take advantage of the spatial resolution to study the interplay between environment, HI content and galaxies' stellar and star forming quantities.


Nikhel Gupta

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