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Casual VLBI Correlator Operator

ATNF has a casual vacancy for VLBI correlator operator(s) to assist with the operation of the LBA correlator. The demand for such operators varies and it is available only on a casual basis. For operational and budgetary reasons only 1-2 days work per week on average may be offered, but with large fluctuations over time. The position is at the Radiophysics Laboratory, Corner Vimiera and Pembroke streets, Marsfield (near Epping), Sydney.

As the correlator is a very complex instrument this position requires strong computer skills and a high level of problem-solving ability. A background in astronomy helps but it is not essential. Familiarity with VLBI and previous experience in correlating will be an advantage.

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Added by Tasso Tzioumis on 2003-03-27

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