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Quirino D'Amato (SISSA, Italy)

Quirino D'Amato Colloquium: High-redshift Supermassive Black Holes grow in dusty, gas-rich environment

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 23 Nov 2022



In this talk I will review the main recent observational results about the ISM content in distant AGN and proto-cluster, highlight the importance of a multi-wavelength approach and high-resolution observations in determining the ISM/ICM gas reservoir properties such as size, morphology, distribution and kinematics. I will discuss the implications of such a findings in modeling the evolution of massive galaxies and large-scale structures across the cosmic time, and the role of AGN feedback in regulating such an evolution. In addition, I will discuss the role of the ISM in obscuring high-z AGN and the incidence of the obscured AGN fraction as a function of the redshift, presenting multi-wavelength observations and numerical simulations.


Vivek Gupta

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