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Luke Davies (ICRAR)

Luke Davies Colloquium: A Universal Murder Mystery – What is killing galaxies?

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 13 Sep 2023



The Universe is dying. All across the cosmos for the last 10 billion years galaxies have been continuously killed, and we still don't know why. Today the Universe is littered with dead galaxies, and their distribution is correlated with location (environment). This suggests that location is one of the prime suspects in this galactic whodunit. However, previous observations and techniques have restricted us to only measuring galaxy environments in the nearby Universe, inhibiting our ability to identify when, where and why they are killed. In addition, galaxy location might not be the only suspect in town. Monsters are hiding at the centres of the most massive galaxies, ready to lead to their untimely demise. In this talk I will discuss various programs using large multi-wavelength surveys, such as GAMA and DEVILS, to explore the smoking gun factors that have led to the death of galaxies over the last 10 billion years.


Nikhel Gupta

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