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Astronomers using ASKAP reveal cosmic ribbon around rare galaxy

International astronomers using our ASKAP radio telescope have revealed a galaxy wrapped in a cosmic ‘ribbon’.

The research, led by Dr Nathan Deg and Dr Kristine Spekkens from Queen’s University Canada and co-authored by CSIRO’s Professor Bärbel Koribalski, presents a stunning image of a galaxy called NGC 4632 that is 56 million light years from Earth.

It’s been identified as a potential polar ring galaxy, which are some of the most spectacular types of galaxies in the Universe, and among the most mysterious.

The galaxy features a ring of gas that can only be seen at radio wavelengths. The ring is orbiting the galaxy at right angles to its spiral disk, like a parcel wrapped in a ribbon of cosmic gas, dust and stars.

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Added by James Chesters on 2023-09-21

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