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Immersive VR goes beyond being there

In Going beyond being there to bring astronomy to the world, Vanessa Moss (and co-authors Aidan Hotan, Emily Kerrison, and Ron Ekers) discuss a collaborative project showcasing how VR can enhance the sharing of science and technology at in-person conferences. The project aimed to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical in traditional conference formats and explore the potential of VR in academia.

As part of the project, a VR exhibit was created to demonstrate ASKAP science and technology. The exhibit featured a holographic Project Scientist explaining the different layers of the ASKAP model and an immersive sphere that gave visitors the sense of being at ASKAP. The exhibit successfully showcased ASKAP to approximately 170 people across the three conferences, with visitor engagement being similar across each conference. The VR technology allowed attendees to be transported immersively to ASKAP and interact in real-time with people from around the world.

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Added by James Chesters on 2023-12-14

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