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Schools Talk: "Star Death, Pulsars and Gravity Waves"

Tuesday 21 September 2004
16:30 to 18:00
CSIRO CTIP Lehany Lecture Theatre

Dr George Hobbs, CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility will discuss the last stages in the lives of stars, focusing on pulsars, his main research area. He will discuss some exciting recent discoveries including the first known binary pulsars, discovered in late 2003 using the Parkes radio telescope. His talk will conclude with a discussion of an exciting new project that plans to use pulsars to try and make the first detection of gravity waves from space.

This talk is the second in a new "Lecture Series for Teachers and Senior Students".

CSIRO Education is proud to announce a series of talks for teachers and senior students by leading scientists in current topical fields of science. The speakers chosen will share with you some their background and expertise in fields of science relevant to the senior science syllabus. Teachers and students alike will find these talks both fascinating and helpful in addressing concepts in the senior syllabus. Talks will be approximately 60 minutes with additional time set aside for questions.

Talks will be held at the Lehany Theatre, CSIRO Division of Industrial Physics, Bradfield Road Lindfield and will run between 4.30 - 6.00pm with afternoon tea provided. Meet at the main Reception Foyer.

See for how to get there. To reserve your place, please RSVP in advance by calling 9413 7731 and leave a message confirming your attendance.

Added by Robert Hollow on 2004-09-03

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