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2007 ATNF Astronomy Workshops for Teachers

Two popular teacher workshops in astronomy will be run by ATNF in the first half of 2007.

"Astronomy from the Ground Up!" is a three day workshop for teachers of Junior Science. It will be held at the Parkes Observatory, 18 - 20 May. No expertise is required. Workshop events include a range of talks by professional astronomers, practical activities and ideas for use in the classroom, a tour of "The Dish" plus night time viewing with optical telescopes.

"Astrophysics for Physics Teachers" is a one day event at our Marsfield headquarters in Sydney on Saturday 16 June. It focuses on the content and skills need in the NSW Physics Astrophysics and Cosmic Engine modules.

Places for both workshops are limited and early registration is encouraged. Participants also receive a resource pack with a wealth of material for use in schools.

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Added by Robert Hollow on 2007-01-22

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