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UNIX account renumbering - affects all UNIX users

CSIRO IM&T are working on a project to create a consistent computing environment for all users across CSIRO. Part of this work is moving the various UNIX systems to use a consistent scheme for naming and numbering user accounts, that will allow interoperation across divisions and with Windows systems.

As part of this project, all personal UNIX accounts in the NIS domain are being renumbered. This affects people at the Lindfield, Marsfield, Mopra, Narrabri and Parkes sites.

The new numbering scheme will be one that has been adopted across CSIRO. Not all users on these sites will be affected by this work, but most will. You will receive follow-up emails if your account will be affected.

You can also check the link below.

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Added by on 2008-02-20

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