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Change in polarimetry of the ATCA 12mm system

This note is of relevance to observers with 12mm ATCA polarimetric data for observations after 1 July. It is not relevant to total intensity only observations, observations at other wavelengths or earlier observations.

Since 1 July some aspects of the design of the 12mm polarimetric system have changed. This has meant that a new version of the Miriad "atlod" task is needed to properly cope with 12mm polarimetric experiments.

The version date of "10-Jun-04" of atlod is required for data post 1 July (ie the software modification anticipated the hardware change). This atlod version automatically differentiates between both pre- and post-change data.

To update your version of Miriad atlod, use the Miriad "mirimport" command from a computer account with write-access to the Miriad directories. The mirimport command downloads and installs all relevant updates.

For more information, please contact

Added by Bob Sault on 2004-08-14

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