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Australia Telescope Applications for 2009 APRS

Applications for observing time are now invited for the 2009 APRS semester for the following telescopes:

Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA)
Parkes radio telescope
Mopra radio telescope
Tidbinbilla 70-m antenna
VLBI observations

The CLOSING DATE for all applications for 2009 APRS is 15 December 2008. Applications must arrive no later than midnight, Australian Eastern Standard Time (equivalent to 14:00 UT).

All applications must be submitted using the ATNF proposal application system, OPAL.

Important Information:

For Parkes, Mopra, VLBI and Tidbinbilla the 2009 APRS semester will run for a six-month period from 01 April 2009 until 30 September 2009.

<b> For the ATCA only, the 2009 APRS semester will run for a three-month period from 15 April 2009 until 14 July 2009. </b>

For 2009 APRS, CABB will be available with 2-GHz bandwidths with a single observing mode. We strongly recommend that proposals include an ATNF staff member. Please note that because of the need for local knowledge in using the new CABB systems, remote observing is expected to be restricted.

A separate call for ATCA proposals will be announced on 15 April 2009, with a deadline of 15 May 2009 for a '2009 JULS' semester. The 2009 JULS will run from 15 July 2009 until end-September 2009. It is expected that one or more CABB zoom modes will be available for this semester.

For ATCA proposals it is <b> essential </b> that you read the web information on the <A href="">current status of the ATNF telescopes. </A>


For CABB-related enquiries contact
For any general enquiries please contact
For problems with proposal submissions contact

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2008-11-17

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