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Employment Opportunity: Bolton and CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowships

Bolton Postdoctoral Fellowship -- Closing date:15 Nov. 2004 -- ATNF 2004/893

Applications are invited for the Bolton Fellowship, a three-year post-doctoral appointment tenable at any of the major Australia Telescope National Facility locations. Bolton Fellows are encouraged to undertake research and/or development in any area relevant to ATNF observational capabilities.

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CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowships -- Closing date: 26. Sep. 2004 -- ATNF 2004/925

CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowships are now available for 3 years. These prestigious appointments are aligned with the National Research Priorities and other key research areas. CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellows will work across our Divisions and will be supported with generous personal development opportunities.

The ATNF would like to attract suitable postdoctoral fellows in the areas of technology development (including the Square Kilometre Array, interference mitigation, Virtual Observatory) and astrophysics (pulsars, galaxies, interstellar medium, star-formation, high-energy astrophysics and cosmology).

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