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ATOA: Central Molecular Zone Data Release

We are pleased to release data products from the Mopra Central Molecular Zone Survey.

The Mopra Central Molecular Zone Survey is a multi-molecular line mapping survey of the Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) of the Galaxy. This is an unique region for astrophysical investigations of the molecular environment in the inner few hundred parsecs of our Galaxy. The CMZ contains ~30 million solar masses of molecular gas; about five per cent of the total molecular content of the Galaxy. It contains many star formation regions and is rich in organic molecules.

Processed data cubes from this survey are available through the Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA). The current data release provides data cubes for 3- and 7-mm data obtained between 2006 and 2009.

For further information see the link to more information or contact Michael Burton (m.burton [at]

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2011-11-15

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