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ATNF Director elected a Fellow of the Academy of Science

ATNF Director Professor Brian Boyle has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

He is one of this year's 18 new Fellows - researchers from Australian universities, CSIRO and medical research institutions who cover a wide range of specialities across the physical, biological and applied sciences.

Two other CSIRO staff are among the newly elected Fellows: Dr Steve Rintoul (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research) and Professor Andrew Holmes (CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies).

Election to the Academy is an honour and recognises a career that has significantly advanced, and continues to advance, the worldÂ’s scientific knowledge.

Professor Boyle's specialty is cosmology and the evolution of quasars. His Academy citation notes that he has played a major role in uncovering the origin of the cosmological X-ray background, and that his research has led to a direct determination of the black hole mass function and the clustering of quasars at high redshift.

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Added by Helen Sim on 2006-03-24

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