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Parkes Projects/Positions Database Released

A web interface is now available to an index of Parkes observations. The index should be essentially complete for all observations since 1999, but should also include the large 20cm MB surveys back to 1997.

The interface contains a link to some basic instructions for use, and should be reasonably straightforward for most first-time users.

Direct queries or feedback to Stacy Mader(


The index should contain all observations made with these observing applications;

TCS (commissioned in May 1999),
tkmulti/multi (since 1997),
Multibeam pulsar filterbank (pmctrl/pmdaq).

In general it will not include observations made with;

1) "Spectra" / "S" observing program (decommissioned in January 1999),

2) Caltech Pulsar correlator,

3) CPSR1 (original CPSR),

4) VLBI observations,

5) Observations made with the old SPOT or 64M interfaces,
any other observations taken with special-purpose user interface.

Scan searching

The algorithm for locating a scan (any observation where the start and stop coordinates differ) is still being refined. If you fail sot find a scan you expect, try increasing the search area to include the end-points.

Data retrieval

Data requests can be made using this form. Requests for propriatory data (taken in the last 18 months) must be made to the Principal Investigator - details will be made available should such data be requested.

More information

Added by Stacy Mader on 2005-05-24

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