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CSIRO/Bolton Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applications are invited for Bolton/CSIRO Fellowships in astrophysics and/or Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - related strategic research. These are three-year post-doctoral appointments at the ATNF, Australia's premier radio astronomical facility.

Bolton/CSIRO Fellowships may be held at any of the major ATNF locations: the Sydney Headquarters at the Radiophysics Laboratory, the Parkes 64m telescope, or the Narrabri Compact Array. The Parkes telescope has receivers that operate in bands between 70cm and 12mm, including a new 6 GHz multibeam receiver. The Compact Array has a 6km east-west baseline with a 214m north-south spur and operates in six bands between 20cm and 3mm. The ATNF is also working on strategic SKA research and is currently developing a New Technology Demonstrator (NTD) and a science array (xNTD) based on wide field focal plane arrays.

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Added by B. Koribalski on 2005-07-29

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