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Scholarship Opportunity: CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships

CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships - Closing Date: 6 Nov 2005

For some exceptional students, who will separately obtain an APA or equivalent University scholarship, CSIRO offers a prestigious top-up scholarship. These scholarships offer: a stipend of $7,000 per annum; research support of $4,000 per annum; an overseas travel allowance of $6,000.

Applicants must have, or expect to gain, first class honours or equivalent in a relevant area; must expect to receive an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent University scholarship starting in 2006; must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Applicants should apply for an APA or University scholarship at the same time as applying for a CSIRO scholarship.

Application details can be found at the website below.

WWW address:

More information

Added by Naomi McClure-Griffiths on 2005-09-05

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