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Dr. Stuart Ryder (AAO)

Supernova 2001ig: The Missing Link? - Dr. Stuart Ryder Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:30-16:30 Mon 23 Feb 2004

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Over the past 2 years, we have been monitoring the radio evolution of Supernova 2001ig with the ATCA. SN 2001ig is one of the rare class of "Type IIb" supernovae, which mysteriously change from a Type II (H-rich) to a Type Ib/c (H-poor) supernova. The radio light curve of SN 2001ig shows an intriguing periodicity, which we argue can be explained by the colliding stellar winds of a Wolf-Rayet progenitor star and a hot companion on an eccentric orbit. Our ATCA observations may thus provide the key to linking Wolf-Rayet stars, Type Ib/c and Type IIb supernovae, and even some types of gamma-ray bursts.

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