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Enno Middelberg (ATNF)

Automatic ATCA data flagging with Pyflag - Enno Middelberg Lunch Talk

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
12:30-13:30 Tue 18 Oct 2005

ATNF Basement Meeting Room


Data editing of ATCA data can be a very laborious task. One quickly
tends to flag more data than actually required, sacrificing sensitvity
and uv coverage in the process. I demonstrate a program, Pyflag, which
searches ATCA data for outliers and prepares Miriad flagging
commands. Pyflag analyses data from each baseline and source
independently, and compares each frequency channel to a "good"
reference channel. It has two mechanisms to look for bad points, both
of which have their strengths and weaknesses, but combined filter out
virtually all bad data. Pyflag can plot its results and allows
interactive flagging. The program has many command line options to
adjust it to a variety of observations, and hence to optimize the
outcome. Once tuned, it can process a 12h observing run with 6
antennae and 13 spectral channels within 5 min on a 3 GHz PC.

Please feel free to bring your lunch.

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