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ASAP 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the ATNF Spectral Analysis Package (ASAP). This software is intended to be used for analysis of spectral line observations made with single dish radio telescopes.

ASAP 2.0 has involved a significant re-write of the internal data representation to allow more flexible handling differing formats (better handing of multi-IF data sets) and now includes quite powerful data selection.

Changes include:

* Major rework of internal data representation. Now supports IFs with different number of spectral channels. This has had only minimal effect on the user interface.

* Creation of a "selector" object used for data selection. This allows selection of data by beam, IF, polarisation as well as via header values (e.g. Tsys).

* Scantables can be merged.

* Multiple data files (e.g. rpf) can be read into a single scantable.

* Polarmetric infrastructure improved to support most observing styles (currently linear feeds only).

* Ability to convert to/store as Stokes.

* ASCII (text) spectral output formatting has been changed to be more usable.

* Auto_quotient using a "closest in time reference" approach.

* Option auto-align in velocity when using average_time.

* Flagging on a per channel basis.

For more information on ASAP, and to obtain binary downloads please see

Users are welcome to join the self-help email list:
To subscribe, send an email containing the single word 'subscribe' in the
message body, as follows:



Kind regards,

The ASAP Project Team
Malte Marqarding
Chris Phillips
Vince McIntyre

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Added by Chris Phillips on 2006-05-08

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