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After Alice - a mini symposium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
14:00-16:00 Tue 20 Mar 2007

ATNF Basement Meeting Room


The Alice Springs maser meeting was held from 12 - 16 March. The talks and papers given there showed that maser research is extremely active with many new discoveries and developments in recent years. Masers are now used to study a huge range of environments, from comets to star-formation regions, stars in our Galaxy, external galaxies and cosmology.

At this mini symposium, several of the speakers from the Alice Springs meeting will give short talks in an informal setting. The speakers will be Andrei Sobolev who will discuss star formation in the S235 region, Georgij Rudnitskij who will discuss a 26-year water-maser monitoring programme, Tim Robishaw who will discuss the discovery of magnetic fields in OH megamaser galaxies, and Jessica Chapman who will discuss water jets and synchroton emission from post-AGB stars.

The symposium will be in the ATNF basement conference room. It will start at 2 pm and last for about 2 hours.

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