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Will Saunders¹, Michael Burton², Jon Lawrence², John Storey² (¹Anglo-Australian Observatory / ²University of NSW)

The PILOT Roadshow - Will Saunders, Michael Burton, Jon lawrence, John Storey Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
13:30-15:00 Wed 05 Mar 2008

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


PILOT (the Pathfinder for an International Large Optical Telescope) is a proposed 2.4m optical/infrared telescope for Dome C on the Antarctic plateau, where the median seeing is 0.3" and the thermal backgrounds 1-2 orders of magnitude below temperate sites. It would be a joint European/Australian facility, with target first light in 2012. The proposed design accommodates both diffraction-limited and wide-field seeing-limited observations, from 0.4-20 µm. Key science drivers include Galactic ecology, the oldest galaxies, the most distant gamma-ray bursts, and the equation of state of the Universe.

The PILOT Roadshow is intended to spread awareness and initiate creative thought about the unique possibilities of the project. We are also inviting feedback on our strawman design, to ensure that we best meet the science requirements of the community. We will present technical, scientific and political overviews of the project, with plenty of time for feedback and discussion.

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