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Job Opportunity: PostDoctoral Fellowship - Deep Radio Imaging Techniques

Applications are invited for a three-year OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship in Radio Astronomy at the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF), AustraliaÂ’s premier radio astronomical facility. The position will be based at ATNF headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

The successful applicant will be an astronomer with an aptitude for software and algorithm development, to carry out research on imaging issues associated with wide deep radio surveys such as ATLAS (see

ATLAS is studying the evolution over cosmic time of galaxies and AGN, using deep radio surveys combined with optical and infrared observations, but is now facing imaging challenges which must be overcome to probe deeper into the Universe. These challenges are also relevant to next generation radio-telescopes such as MIRA and SKA.

As a member of the ATLAS team, the Fellow will be motivated by the astrophysics, and will contribute to the astrophysical research, including discussions and interpretation.

The Fellow's unique contribution to the ATLAS project will be to run simulations, devise algorithms, and write code to overcome imaging challenges such as imaging artefacts associated with the primary beam correction.

The Fellow will spend a significant fraction of time conducting an independent research program in line with these broad goals, and will also have the opportunity to participate in the planning and development of new radio astronomical facilities, such as MIRA.

Candidates should have obtained a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics or a related field and on commencement of the Fellowship, have a maximum three years relevant work experience since conferral of their doctorate. Experience with software development is essential.

Applications close 31 May 2007

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Added by Alison Jones on 2007-03-26

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