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Silvia Leurini (ESO, Garching)

Galaxy Lunch - Silvia Leurini on Sequential star formation in the G351.77-0.54 molecular cloud complex

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
12:30-13:30 Thu 19 Jun 2008

ATNF Basement Meeting Room


In this talk, I will present observations at mm wavelengths of the star forming region G351.77-0.54. The region shows a partially circular distribution in the mm (and IR) continuum emission, which could be interpreted as one of the dust-ring structures predicted by models of triggered star formation. Such models also predict that the material along the ring will eventually fragment into massive clumps, at least some of which will undergo further collapse and end up as massive stars/clusters. Evidence of active massive star formation is detected towards at least one clump of the dust-ring of G351.77-0.54, while another portion of the ring is a potential candidate to host early stages of star formation of different masses.

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