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Olaf Wucknitz (Bonn University)

VLBI with long wavelengths and wide fields - Olaf Wucknitz Lunch Seminar

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
11:30-12:30 Thu 28 Oct 2010

Faraday Conference Room


The first part of this talk will present first results from the
international LOFAR array observing at wavelengths in the range 1-10
metres. LOFAR for the first time offers the possibility to image the radio sky at the longest wavelengths with a resolution in the arcsec range or better. I will present the first images and discuss particular challenges of long-baseline LOFAR.
The second part will discuss a simple but extremely efficient method to
image full primary beams with VLBI resolution without the use of
supercomputers. This is made possible by a hierarchic scheme of shifting
and averaging the uv data sets. Compared to standard methods, the
efficiency is increased by orders of magnitude.

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