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Calar Alto Observatory Photo Release: Colossal star formation in a dwarf galaxy

The last Photo Release at Calar Alto Observatory (Almeria, Spain) homepage shows NGC 2366, a nearby dwarf starburst galaxy that Janine van Eymeren (AIRUB / ATNF student) and Angel R. Lopez-Sanchez (CSIRO/ATNF) are analyzing using deep H_alpha imagery and optical spectroscopy. The data were obtained last October using MOSCA instrument at the 3.5m telescope of Calar Alto Observatory. They combined images in different filters (B in blue, R in green and H_alpha in red) to get the color image. As the exposition time in the B filter (1 minute) was much shorter that in R and H_alpha filters (3 times 20 minutes each), the blue color is not very smooth in the image. More information provided in the link to Calar Alto Observatory webpage.

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Added by Angel R. Lopez-Sanchez on 2008-02-18

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