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HIFAR meeting

21:00-01:00 Thu 12 Feb 2004

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre



HIFAR is an SKA pathfinder concept, designed to tackle the dark energy problem (the subject this meeting will spend most time on) and develop SKA technologies. However, it will operate in the frequency range ~500-900 MHz, have a collecting area of ~10^5 sq.m, a field of view of ~100 sq.deg and a bandwidth of ~100 MHz, so will therefore be a killer telescope for other science problems (pulsars, galaxy evolution, radio galaxies, clusters) in the pre-SKA era.

telecon x4612 for presentations

Preliminary Agenda

o Introduction to HIFAR (Brian Boyle)
o Technical scenarios (John Bunton)
o Tackling the dark energy problem (Chris Blake)
o Strawman survey specifications and goals (Frank Briggs, Elaine Sadler)
o What's happening at other wavelengths (Lister Staveley-Smith)
o Pulsar studies (George Hobbs)
o Relationship with LOFAR and SKA (Ron Ekers)
o Discussion (other killer science, technical issues)


Lister Staveley-Smith

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